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We hear the drum all through the days.
We hear the trumpet sounding the call.
We see them gather from many ways,
in the March for Freedom down Time's Hall.

We see the women, with tears in the eye,
gather the children safe to their home.
We know there are many waving goodbye,
marching for Freedom - but never alone.

There's a wonder that the Faithful know.
There's a thunder the oppressor fears.
There is a glory that still glows,
even amid the parting and tears.

When you see the Brave ones pass;
when you hear the trumpet sound,
if you're hearing the sad sound of taps,
one of the Brave has laid their life down.

When the long March for Freedom has won,
and the long parade home we see,
the Brave will shine like the sun,
on a day when the whole world is free.

When you kneel in silence to pray,
pray that we will someday see,
at last, the long March of the Brave,
has made the whole world free.

( © 2004 - "Future Folk" Music - Betty J. Curtis )