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Follows Reader Entries 34 and 35
Song: "Time" :
( © -2003 Words by Betty J. Curtis )
sung by Mrs. Johnson, looking out front window :
reflecting on changes Time has brought
Laura Lee is seated nearby, sewing.


As I look from my window today,
there's a bit of a mist on the hill.
The road runs to town in its usual way.
The highway hums in the still.

A bird flutters by with a twig for a nest.
Just like a usual Spring.
It's a postcard scene, and you never would guess,
that nothing is really the same.

Time has a way of distilling a mood.
The same kind of way a flower grows.
Time can teach us to sing the same old tune,
with a feeling that only Time knows.

As I look from my window today,
I can almost see them pass,
the figures from ages of Time's parade,
like a flowing image in glass.

The sights and the songs of seasons of Earth,
all have a place in the heart,
and every death and every birth,
has added a special part.

Time has a way of bringing it home,
to the Wanderer on the Road of Time,
we are never really alone,
we are weaving the Soul of our kind.

Followed by Reader reading entries 36 and 37