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Follows Reader reading entries 38 thru 40
Song: "Dancers In The Air"
( © 2003 - Words by Betty J. Curtis )
( © 2003 - Music by J. Gale Kilgore )
Scene: Mr. Johnson, Laura Lee, and Scooter,
sunning on porch, chilly morning. Mr. Johnson
watches a flock of migrating birds.
Sings this song thoughtfully.


Days are growing colder.
Winter's coming on.
Time is growing older.
Life is moving on.

I see the birds of Summer,
flying South again.
I marvel, and I wonder,
how they understand the Wind.

Flying on the Wind,
to a warmer shore.
Freely, they ascend.
Freely, they can soar.
I watch them from my chair.
I marvel at their ways,
like dancers in the air,
blessed with Heaven's Grace.

We can learn to listen,
and hear the message too.
But we can't fly away with them,
as freely as they do.

Yet - we have provision,
a Light within the mind,
that brings to us a vision,
surpassing Space and Time.

Repeat Chorus

Followed by Epilogue
Dancers in the Air
(MP3 2.11MB)