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***City Locale
(© 2003-Words:Betty J Curtis - Music: J. Gale Kilgore

First heard as brief,faint background instrumental before Reader.
This theme will be intro theme, and will recur wherever suitable.
READER : Entries 1 thru 4 - followed by :

Singer: Warren: In darkened room of skidrow house. Rain is falling.


When raindrops fall,
can you count them all ?
When snowflakes drift in the wind,
and they're sifting down,
to the Winter ground ,
can you lift them up again ?

When the Summer trees,
dance in Summer's breeze,
and the songbird takes to the sky,
if the shadows seem,
like a veil on a dream,
do you sometimes wonder why ?

Though the human race comes face to face,
with pain, and loss, and sorrow,
yesterday will fade and pass away,
but today leads to tomorrow.

On the Midnight Sea,
when the wind blows free,
and a cloud like a sailing ship shines,
on horizon far, a distant Star
glows like Hope in a quiet mind.

Lovers meet,
and love is sweet,
though parting hides in the shade.
When time has passed,
Faith holds fast,
and Life lives the love it's made.
Repeat Chorus

*** Followed by Street Scene
Rick sings "City Blues" - day of looking for work.
(MP3 2.56MB)