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*To keep the characters adaptable for a variety of performance avenues,
no descriptive specifics of ethnic sort are included, only age groups.

List Of Characters

Original group:
Angie - Journal author as reader : mid-20s female
Rick - young male- 20ish
Sandy - young female - late teens
Warren - young male - 20ish
Jill - mid-20s female
Variety of people in and out of shelter during city scenes

Later inclusions:
Scooter - mid-20s male
Old Man - elderly male (Seasoned Sage)
Mario - young male -late teens
Laura Lee - 60ish female

Farm families:
Mr and Mrs. Johnson - elderly farm couple
Farmers: variety of farm people
Jake: Burro friend - loved by all

*Though no ethnic specifics are listed above,
when writibg I did picture such variety.
Warren - Afro-American.
Mario - Hispanic.
Laura Lee - Chinese -
"Old Man" - Caucasian/American Indian.