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A Folk Opera (Narration and Songs)
© 2003 - Story & Lyrics by Betty J. Curtis
Music composers as listed on individual songs

The Story Cast List Potentials

The format grid following contains text for narration, and songs as relevant, in sequence, reading from your left to right in each row.
Print-out by this pattern will provide Folio order.

This work is offered free for non-political, non-commercial, use for school plays, community playhouse, church groups etc. Use for charitable fundraising for non-political, worthy purposes would be considered "non-commercial". Songs for which we have demos are for mp3 download. Lyrics for which we have no music are open for improvisation. This work is in very basic form, and offers each user great creative opportunity.

All writers of included material, ( Curtis - Kilgore - Sheppard - Peters) have agreed to the free use offer described above. Copy this page if you make copies of the work, to keep with your records. For commercial use, use contact link below. (bjc)

Adobe Bricks Folk Opera Format
ABtext1-4 Raindrops City Blues
ABtext5-8 Shelter Blessing ABtext9-11
Soloing Soldier Road Without A Name A Soldier's Song
ABtext12-15 No To Naysayers Destiny's Wind
Where Is My Home ? ABtext16-18 Soloing Soldier
What Do You Say ? ABtext19-20 Echo In The Hills
Winding Road ABtext21 Sound Of Freedom
ABtext22-24 Shelter Blessing ABtext25-27
Country Friends ABtext28-30 One More Dream
Sharing The Dream ABtext31 BookOfRemember
ABtext32-33 Country Friends Soloing Soldier
ABtext34-35 Time ABtext36-37
Song Fest ABtext38-40 Dancers In Air
ABtextepi ABfinale Wish For You

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