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Developement Potentials for

(1) Basic Presentation:
Story text and songs, as entered here are enough information for School Plays. It would be minimal cost to present. The basics required are a reader, to read text on stage in front of closed curtain; curtain opening on a backdrop scene suitable to the place in the story, and the performers to sing songs for the specific scenes.

(2) CD and Booklet Package:
CDs would contain reading and song sequence as suggested, and an accompanying small booklet of the story text and songs list, as an option. CDs could be developed as a combination of reading story text, mini-dramas, and songs. This combo package could be useful for fund-raising drives.

(3) T V Mini-Series:
A Screenplay adaptation of the story as a musical. This could also develop continuing episodes which develop background on the youth group characters; separate episodes titled such as Rick's Story - Angie's Story - Mario's Story - Warren's Story - all about how each came to be homeless on the street, and how they all came to be together. An audience would be interested in follow-up of character stories. If the multi-ethnic cast such as suggested for a movie were used, this could help increase understanding of our differences in a positive way.

(4) Full-Form Movie Production:
This would have potential for expanded development drama. It could also lead to Video/DVD - Music Albums etc.

(5) Full-Form Broadway Musical
A well rounded drama/musical presentation , with touring companies etc.

(6) Children's Book and CD Package:
A book form for children, with many colorful illunstrations, so that children could follow the CD presentation of story text and songs. This could be a good learning tool, bringing out the imagination as children learn to relate statements of poetic metaphor text to what they mean to express.

There are two aspects I would like to see related to use of the work also.
(a) Copies of the CD package with Story Text offered to schools at cost - or even free. This story shows potential for working together to overcome problems to mutual advantage, in an entertaining way. It would be excellent for School Plays.

(b) I would also like to see the work used, at some point, as a fundraising benefit to finance a Troubadour Scholarship. Music is such a great cohesive, and the "Troubadour Archetype" more than any other form exhibits the ability to reach people at all levels, regardless of ethnic, sex, race, and creed differences. It is the common Voice of Humanity !