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The Song Fest

The Barn has a festive air. Tables are long and full.
We see the Smiling Sun - now inside the Barn.
Yesterday's Crafts' Sale has given them all new hope.
Farmers and friends are mingling happily, young and old.
Several have come with guitars,and one young farmer has set up his electric keyboard.
Mario and Sandy start song fest with "A Glad Song" inviting all to join in - and the Farm Band begins.

1st song -Glad Song

2nd song - Mario and Sandy lead
Sound Of Freedom

3rd song - everyone sings
Country Friends

4th song - Scooter encourages solos and starts with one himself
A Little Song

5th song -Rick sings next - telling them he has a song for all to think about
Small Town Rising

6th song -Jill rises to sing
Sage's Song

7th song - by Laura Lee singing 3/4 Time
Three-quarter Time

8th song - Mr. and Mrs. Johnson emerge with duet -
announcing they have enjoyed almost 50 years together.
Long Distance Love

Songs 9 thru 11 -Mario suggests a tribute
to the "Old Man" and starts with a few strains of
Soloing Soldier -

then slips into
Treasured Words-

followed by all singing Book Of Remember

End of Song Fest scene

Followed by Reader reading Entries 38 thru 40