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Follows song: "One More Dream"
Reader reads Entry 31


Scooter found us today ! Popped in this morning all crinkled up with a gleeful grin. He brought a friend - a nice grey-haired lady with smooth, weathered skin, and a slow smile. Something about her unruffled manner and wise eyes reminds me of the old man. She has a lovely poetic name - Laura Lee. Warren said it's good Scooter found us before we had to move on. Gloom descended again, so Mario twanged a happy invention and Sandy pretended to yodel. Out of appreciation for their efforts, we all made up words and sang in campy confusion exorcising demons of doubt. We soon felt better. When all the commotion settled down, Jake snorted and was introduced to the new arrivals. Tonight - the meeting - pivot of our hope. Who knows ?

Followed by song "The Book Of Remember"
Sung by "Scooter"
Followed by Reader Entry 32 - 33