Follows "Book Of Remember"
Sung by Scooter


The farmer's meeting has convinced us all the more that here is where we want to be. These people talk out their problems, and nobody tries to shove anyone else. When we said this to Mr. Johnson later, he told us it wasn't always that way. There used to be lots of hard-headed disputes and holdouts. It's only since everyone boarded the "hard-time boat" that tempers settled and all began to work together to survive. We have a glimmer of hope. A plan was decided on, and for our part we appointed Rick and Warren to represent all of us. The barn is so quiet now I can hear Jake making funny noises in his sleep. Wonder what he's dreaming. Hope it's a nice dream. All creatures need them sometimes. All those at the meeting accepted us as belonging. What a joy - to feel "belonging" - like coming in out from cold rain.


The plan worked ! I was afraid to even write it lest all go poof . I don't understand all the legal language, but what it comes down to is Mr. Johnson deeded the barn to us in Rick's and Warren's names. They paid him $1 to make it legal. So now the barn is ours ! Any insurance is our responsibility. The land is still legally Mr. Johnson's as sub-dividing is a long involved process. He says as far as he's concerned the acre of land under and around the barn's south side is ours too. This does not effect his home location. Who else would argue ? That piece of paper is a treasure. It's our citizenship among people we love. Halleleujah ! The farm people all together bought us a metal box to keep it safe in. I'll never look at that box without feeling love. We celebrated tonight with cider, and christened the barn. We call it "Concord Studio" because we are learning to live in togetherness - "concord". I wish the old man were here. In a way he'll always be part of our family. You can't forget someone like that. We don't want to. We still learn from him everyday, and we sing his songs sometimes. (He's smiling.)

Followed by repeat song; "Good Country Friends"
Sung by the group to express thanks to their
farmer friends.
Then they sing a slow, throughtful rendition of
"Soloing Soldier" sensing the presence of the "Old Man".
Followed by Reader Entries 34 and 35

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