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Following the Farmer's meeting
and songs: "Good Country Friends"
and "Solo-ing Soldier"
READER reads Entries 34 and 35


You'd have to be a poet to describe these days. Mario could do it much better. We get up with the sun, sharing a synchronicity with all life around us. Return to our "barn-ark" ( Scooter's term !) when night is full of cricket sounds. Spring is slowly emerging. We have soft showers, and when sun re-emerges it all glistens - trees and buds - fields and houses. Mario said it in true poetic fashion - "Spring tinsel". There is a deep peace that comes of simple honest work. Companionship of honest folk. We girls are learning to quilt. Laura Lee has established herself as 2nd cook to Mrs. Johnson. They concoct delectable surprises with soybeans. The men are preparing for Spring planting next month. Jake goes aroamin' in the grasses. He's a real part of our studio family. Everything fits together. Even the bees - whose main highway apparently runs through the barn windows.


Only Rick, Scooter, and I are sleeping in the barn now. Laura Lee stays in the main house and helps Mrs. Johnson. The others have paired off to stay with the two older couples we hauled wood for earlier. The three of us help Mr. Johnson with various things around here. It works out beautiful for all. Weekends we have picnic style potluck in the barn. Great fun ! The "troubadours" sing, and we all make plans for craft sales in the barn later. Everyone is busy in spare time making things for it. They say on summer weekends city dwellers who seek out the countryside for breathing space are good buyers of quilts, afghans, cider, and other items that smack of downhome country life.

Followed by song: "Time"
Sung by Mrs. Johnson
reflecting on changes Time has brought.