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Following songs:
"Dancers In The Air" - sung by Mr Johnson
and "Winding Road" - sung by Scooter:
READER reads Epilogue


The barn is all snug for winter. This afternoon we were all quietly together and looking back on this-time-last-year. No-one spoke in specifics but everyone felt gratitude that we had all found our way to a safe harbor without even knowing the way. Each had their own thoughts about it, and own name for it, but all agreed some higher, wiser, Power had been with us. Even when we were too inside-weary to know it. Mario was lying in a hammock looking straight up - musing - You know" - he said - "I really like our high-peaked ceiling. Reminds me of oldtime castles." Rick looked at me and smiled - "Who'd have ever thought adobe bricks could make a castle ?" He chuckled quietly. I said - "They can if they're the right kind." Rick just grinned and said - "And so - Miss Cryptic - and what is the right kind ?" I didn't have time to answer. Scooter knew - "The kind that'll fit together - of course . . . " Old Jake twitched his ears and snorted approval.

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