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Finale Song: "Long Distance Love"
(©-1994 - Lyric by Betty J. Curtis - ascap)
(© 2002 - Music by Shirley I. Sheppard - bmi)
Sung by Mr. and Mrs Johnson at Song Fest
Song of a life-time partnership.


November has painted the trees white again.
October wore gold for awhile.
In September, the green was beginning to thin.
But August kept most of its style.

I've traveled each day, through hours of time.
I've traveled in step with the weeks.
Nights were embroidered with memory's vine.
Months had their valleys and peaks.

As the years roll away, I recall everyday,
whether cloudy or sunny above,
the warmth of your smile, in memory's file,
and give thanks for your long-distance love.

July was the usual fireworks and beach.
June was a bell on the wind.
May wore her taffeta, emerald and peach.
In April, it showered again.

March was despondent and rowdy by turns,
just as it usually is.
February froze to cold unconcern,
what the New Year had promised to kiss.

Another year's almost gone, and we're traveling on.
December's reminding me of -
the treasure I hold, too great to be told,
your long-lasting, long-distance love.

Followed by Song: "Raindrops"
Sung by Warren at Song Fest
Long Distance Love
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