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Changes In The Air

For more than three years I have posted writings on my "Road Song" website. I have circulated through various Newsletters and other contacts, the concept of a "Troubadour" Scholarship; how it might be set up to be self-sustaining in time; and why I believe it to be so important. I have had many discussions with others who recognized the importance also. I have reason to believe that some facilities have adapted the concept to their specific needs. This is good, and is why it was circulated.

Also I have offered some original writings relevant to the purpose, as Public Domain, for free personal use, and for possible use in fund raising for such a Scholarship. This could be the published booklets "Timeless Troubadour" and "Road Song Papers", or the original lyrics used to create a song series in CD form for fundraising, or all of these for that purpose. In such use I would ask no royalty agreement.

Regarding the copyrighted song lyrics posted on Road Song; pages titled "Song Lyrics" and "Lyric Supply",I will ask only standard status as "lyricist co-owner" , if anyone finds one they would like to do music for and perform etc. I am also willing to forego any royalty claim, unless a song should attain HIT status; and cost of production has been regained. You may think this an odd agreement, but I know I have some great lyrics. Musicians have told me that a melody is plain in the meter I use. I deliberately use a basic and easy to find meter, to allow any stylist more freedom in individual arrangement As a total unknown in the field,working with very limited funds such an arrangement affords me the best route to developing a name ID in the field. It is also seen that this could aid a starting musician or performer in search of original material , but working with limited funds as an independant. It has been my experience all through life, that when Spirit is working, it always works to the benefit of all involved ! I believe this is the way it should work !

The reason I am writing this in such detail is because it is quite possible that, as of January 2003, unless things change radically, I may have to discontinue my Road Song website. However, I want to continue to make these writings accessible, but do not yet know how I can arrange that.I don't believe I have done all this work only to file them away in a drawer somewhere. I believe they are meant to circulate. At this point, I am earnestly wondering how this may be done. I have asked for Spiritual Guidance, and will abide by what answer comes.

Betty J. Curtis
Ph: (760) 365-9146