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Why not Songbooks of new song collections ? When I was a child, "Song Sheets" were very popular. You bought them like any other magazine. They were just pulp productions published periodically. They contained lyrics to songs in current popularity - from week to week - month to month.

My older sisters always got them - I think they cost about 10 cents at that time. It was a favorite pastime to gather around the song sheets and learn words to all the latest songs. We would all sing along. Somewhere along the line they stopped being published. Today most albums have lyric sheets for the songs in them. That's as close as we have to the old Songsheets that we enjoyed when the radio was our main source of music.

But it occurs to me that an adaptation of the concept could be made with new issue Songbooks of new songs, put out in a series four times a year -Spring - Summer - Autumn - Winter. It would take promo to get the idea swimming mainstream, but I believe it could be cultivated. What follows are some reasons WHY, and some thoughts on HOW.

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Why Not Songbooks Of New Song Collections ?

Every good idea had a starting point. I believe this is a much better idea than it might seem at first ! Songbooks of new song collections would be an ideal first-stage investment for minimal capital.

Such Songbooks could be sold today via Internet distributers, marketed to groups such as Camps, Churches, Schools, and any other facilities where Group Sings play a part.

Songbooks can be sold cheaper than CDs. They can reach people who cannot afford CDs, Concert tickets,or the technical equipment to use them.If one member of a group knew the songs, they could be taught to others.Songbooks can go anywhere in the human hand,in the barest of circumstance !

Songbooks of new songs could provide a promotional form for approaching Managers, Agents, A&R reps of known performers, to locate income producing outlets.

Songbooks can be published in spaced release,as demand develops. Income from previous publications could finance next issue, all scaled as needed. This minimizes waste of overproduction.

Songbooks would be an excellent form to later transfer to the Scholarship Fund as properties to be used for continuing fund raising.

It requires initial funding to create the first Songbooks, and patience in awaiting development of clientele. However, with the aid of an promotional team, and Internet Marketing outlet, eventually the concept of Songbooks for NEW songs could catch on.

What follows are some basic steps involved. I can only offer figures for the multi-copy stage. For other factors I cannot offer cost estimates at this time.



(1)Musician to compose basic, simple, melodies for lyrics in sets of 10.(cost unknown)(2)Master copies of sheet music printed out by MIDI. (cost unknown)

(3)Multi-copies can be made locally in limited quantities as sales warrant. The following figures are estimated quotes from Valley Independant Printers for multi-copy run-offs of Master copies printed sheet music.

500 sets - 10 inside sheets 2 sided (20- 8 1/2 X 11 size)printed on 60lb offset white stock.Color run with 4 color process on color copier on white 80lb paper 11X17.Inside printing black ink only.(We had cover design in color) Print inside sheets=$605.63 - Copy cover sheets =$312.00 - Collate/staple=$104.69

1000 sets - same specs - Print inside sheets -$902.75 -Copy color covers -$604.14 -Collate/staple $197.85. Cost of color copy can be reduced, if we have original artwork from which they can print in 4 color printing instead of machine copy.

Use established Internet Distributers, such as those in Colorado Springs, Co. and Richmond, Va.Price songbooks as minimal as possible to cover costs until demand increases, however, it is desired to always keep pricing as low as possible to continue operation.

Marketing targets: Camps - Churches - Schools (teaching tools ?)- if recordings are involved, explore possible association with Karaoke Mfrs.etc.