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How many like this have you met ?


I see the picture and pretense, and all the scripted cues.
I watch your studied dance, and none of it is news.
How many times I've wondered - "Is someone really there ?
Does someone real live under, the lacquer and veneer ?"

But, never have I seen it. Never have I heard,
any heartfelt meaning,in your 'play-acting words'.

I see your charming smile. I hear your honest tone
I recognize the style; by now it's all well-known.
Underneath the surface, the claws are drawn within.
They have a hidden purpose. I know what they intend...

...toying with the victim,like a captured bird.
But all of that is hidden, by your 'play-acting words'.

Behind the practiced grace, and all the unvoiced lies -
behind the actor-face, there's treachery inside.
You're only a 'deceiver'. You're hollow at the core.
For the innocent 'believer', heartache lies in store.

But veneer is known to crack, and lacquer become blurred.
Time will reveal the 'act', in your 'play-acting words'.

( © 1998 - "Future Folk" Music - Betty Curtis )

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