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* A D O B E * B R I C K S *

* An Essentialist Short Story *

Betty Curtis

© 1988 - 2002

To The Reader

"Adobe Bricks" has been previously published in an internationally circulated Newsletter, under the name Jean Curtis. This Newsletter was circulated in a small limited mailing, the first copyrighted form November 1988.

The writing style I call Essentialist only means that the story is told via the essence of the story rather than in elaborate detail. Some readers have commented that it is a strongly evocative form, evoking the readers' own imagination. In this story, the form is Journal form. Punctuation is not always standard; at times it is used to suggest notes jotted down, hurriedly, on the move.

The total number of entries are 40. This will print out to (15 pages?) I hope you enjoy reading about the "journey" of a group of homeless young people, who find their way to a new home, and new meaning to their lives.