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I got up this morning - sunrise was slow.
Clouds in the east, hovering low.
Smoke from the chimneys, adrift on the wind.
I'm sitting here - thinking of you -

Once in awhile, I forget,
move through the chores of the day,
lke a lamp that hasn't been lit,
or a Pilgrim who can't find the way.
then - like the sun shining in -
I start thinking of you

As I'm sipping my coffee, I write out the chores -
gather the laundry - go to the store.
Like the small bird I see - perched on a limb,
I'm sitting here - thinking of you -

Again I remember days of the past.
They flow through my mind in a stream.
From the first time we met - to the last -
like scenes from a long-ago dream.
No - I'm not sad - just looking in -
through the window of love -

( © 2002 - "Future Folk" Music - Betty Curtis )