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Because such arrangements eventually will be passed to heirs, I request arrangements detailed in writing. What follows are only certain points of preference offered to give you ideas to work from when drawing up such papers. I am very flexible regarding agreements, asking mainly that they be fair to all concerned.

Arrangements are considered as standard, collaboration arrangements: co-ownership of the song via the usual composer/author arrangement. One thing I will request in the Agreement is that the lyrics not be shelved, with no promise of circulation. A clause should be included guaranteeing that the Agreement ensures intention to use the lyrics to create music for them, and use in public access performance, and if not so used within a period of 2 years they revert to the author, to make other agreements if so desired. If the composer is also performer, they have first rights to record and publish. If later other artists request right to perform the song for commercial use, either of the co-owners can make such arrangements so long as both co-owners are guaranteed proper share of standard royalties.

Payment concepts of acceptable type are as follows:
1)I am interested in aiding young,start-out performers by limiting payment to fit their budget. By the honor system, I would ask others to arrange as they feel is fair, so that all involved can benefit.

2) In an arrangement of co-ownership of the completed song, for which the collaborator has composed music,I would accept co-ownership of the song in the usual composer/author royalty arrangement. In certain circumstances, I would forego royalties until the cost of production for a record product has been regained. This would be discussed and negotiated to fit each individual case.

There must be a clause stating that the Agreement as signed by parties involved is transferrable, as agreed, to any heirs selected by the involved parties.

Betty Curtis
"Future Folk" Music

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