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Here's a little story song - with a different slant.


Andy and Ella were lovers in Time.
They met only briefly for years.
When young, it was family dispute that designed
to tear them apart, and leave them in tears.

Later, they lived on two different Coasts.
Thousands of miles kept them apart.
College and study demanded the most,
but miles and duties did not change the heart.

This is the story in music and rhyme,
of Andy and Ella and Time.
Like doves in flight that meet in the air,
thought and longing drifted above.
In letters and phone calls, they vowed they still cared,
and someday would find a place for their love.

Years rolled along, and tangles of Time,
kept them from each other's arms.
Sometimes they lost touch, neither could find,
a way through the detours and storms.

In time, they both married, and were happy it seemed.
Their mates and their children were cherished and loved.
Sometimes they'd relive old memories in dreams,
but could no longer meet up above.

As Time rolled along, hair turned to grey.
grandchildren came to warm their late life.
Ella saw Andy in her husband each day,
and Andy saw her in his wife.
And that is the story in music and rhyme,
of Andy and Ella and Time.

( © 1997 - "Future Folk" Music - Betty Curtis )

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