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"My name is Emily " . the little voice said,
"I hope you weren't asleep in your bed.
I'm feeling scared and alone.
When will my Mommy be home ?
I pushed these buttons, and someway got you.
Do you have a minute or two ?"

"They told me that Mommy has gone faraway.
To be with Jesus, they said.
I know she didn't come home yesterday.
And she's not here to put me to bed."

I didn't know Emily, she didn't know me,
but someway we'd made this connection.
We were both suffering loss of a loved one, you see,
and we both needed human affection.

"Daddy's so sad, and he cried to sleep,
He thought I had gone to sleep too.
But I think of Mommy, and I need to speak,
to someone who'll listen - will you ?"

"Emily - yes - the Lord had a hand
in bringing us together tonight .
My Mother's gone too, and I understand,
so I'm glad that you called. It's alright."

We talked several hours. Both of us cried,
till both of us felt less alone.
Someway we talked our way through the night,
on destiny's love telephone.
Emily - I believe - we really were three,
and He showed us our loved ones are Home.

( © 2004 "Future Folk" Music - Betty J. Curtis )