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Hi Baby - now don't be feeling blue.
I can see it in your eye - Baby -
What brought that look to you ?

Why, Baby -are you so faraway ?
Did someone you love leave, Baby ?
Or did someone you don't love stay ?

All those stars up there tonight,
distant, glittering, and bright,
are sending out a shining ray,
just like you - from faraway.

Sigh, Baby, but while you're lost inside,
some promise of tomorrow may be
coming on the Tide.

Try, Baby - watch and listen too.
I'm here - standing by, Baby.
Could I have this dance with you ?

We'll pick a slow and dreamy tune -
nestle like a warm cocoon -
till you forget your blues and sighs.
We'll spread our wings - like butterflies.

My Baby -
fly - Baby - fly

(©-1997-Betty Curtis-"Future Folk" Music)