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Standing on the Beach of Time,
gazing out on the endless Sea.
Ages pass in flowing line,
Cycles of Eternity.

Past and Future is always Now.
The Cycle is known from beginning to end.
The Creator knows 'what', and teaches 'how',
and the teaching flows on Cosmic Wind.

As we look out on the Beach of Time,
sometimes clouds get in the way.
Flash and boom of a worried mind.
can make us blind, and we may stray.

Living on the Beach of Time,
sands and shells sometimes confuse.
Fishes swim, and sea-birds fly.
Humankind has sand in the shoes.

We hear a whisper in the Ocean breeze.
We sense a Presence walking the Beach.
We watch Sunlight dance on the sparkling Sea,
and Stars at night far out of reach.

Moving along the Beach of Time,
holding hands, and sharing hearts,
we are part of a vast Design !
We are students of Holy Arts !

(Free Use-Public Domain-"Future Folk"Music-Betty J. Curtis-2002)