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There was no promise troubles wouldn't come.
There was no promise Time wouldn't try us.
Many dear hearts have heard the sad drum.
There was no promise trials would pass by us.

There was a promise we're never alone,
though we see only the four walls around us.
Deceit and betrayal by some we have known,
but blessings of love also have found us.

In history's pages there's many a life,
trouble compounded, but faithful and true,
that shone like a light in a personal night,
and left something good, that someway got through.

We never can tell what another may hold;
what sorrow and longing in the depth of the heart.
Often the strongest bend under the load,
and often the kindest feel the cruelest dart.

On this Long Road we travel through years,
there are seasons of joy, and shadows of doubt,
heights of wonder, and vallies of tears.
Someday in the soul it will all even out.

Jesus has known any sorrow we know.
He was betrayed by those that He loved.
His life shines like a Beacon on the Way that we go,
and guides like a Star in the Heavens above.

(Free Use-Public Domain-"Future Folk" Music-Betty J.Curtis-2002)