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The Road wanders on, and it's good to be going.
I won't look back for too long.
Only to gather bits of bright knowing,
and pack a few memories to carry along.

Soft summer glow, as we stood 'neath the oaktree.
The first lover's kiss, and the light in love's eyes.
Glint of the moon, sun that shone softly,
and millions of stars in deep winter skies.

I won't be long. Just a few things to pack.
A few bright moments to store in the mind.
When I move on, I won't have to look back.
I've gathered the treasures that still endure time.

The Road wanders on, and I'm eager to take it.
I'm only collecting the treasures of heart.
Country we've traveled. Faith we could make it.
Each of us playing our own special part.

I've gathered the warmth of firelight in Winter.
I've gathered the air of breezes in Spring.
Summer's perfume, and Autumns, gold-tinted.
Cool, soothing waters, and love songs to sing.

So now we'll move on, with our treasures of Past,
and Faith in the Future, although it's unknown.
Thanks be to Heaven, for beauties that last !
Thanks for Love's light, wherever it's shone !

(Copyright 1997-"Future Folk" Music-Betty Curtis)