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When morning finally comes,but it's cloaked with clouds and rain;
when retreating armies' drums announce an end to pain;
in the magic of the moment, when star-crossed lovers meet -
there's a touch of bittersweet.

When the faithless lover leaves;when the distant dream comes true,
but it's not what you believed the dream would bring to you;
when success does not bring happiness, and its passage is too fleet -
there's a touch of bittersweet.

Often it seems the phantoms we chase;
the dreams that we cherished through years;
lose much of the glitter when face to face
the dream, and the phantom appears.

We learn as we live day by day, to balance it all in the heart;
and we learn as we go on the Way,it all has a meaningful part;
we learn a compassion for others we meet -
who are touched by the bittersweet.

Such is Life's Mystery,as we taste it all, we learn of love and its tears;
and to treasure all Seasons, Springtime, and Fall,and Summer and Winter of years.
Like the Star, and the Cross, and the Love Complete -
there's a touch of bittersweet.

The comforting friend in a time of trial,
who offers the comfort we need,
and lights our night with a kindly smile,
knows the 'gift' of bittersweet.

(©-1996-Betty Curtis-"Future Folk" Music)