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Carry the Book on through the years!
Sing it in song forever!
Music and memory, gentle and clear.
Call it the "Book Of Remember".

Songs like a garden in flowering Time,
hearty and brave and tender.
Make it a history in music and rhyme -
call it the "Book Of Remember".

Down the Long Road, on through the years,
Processions of wandering glory,
passing through trials, troubles,and tears -
songs of Humanity's story.

Pass on the memories, adding your own.
Make it a song of victory -
steady and more enduring than stone -
call it The Spirit's History".

A vivid Procession through places and times,
a song of faithful splendor,
woven with love, triumphantly fine -
call it the "Book Of Remember".

Parent to child, lover to lover,
teacher to student, pass it along;
all that we learn, and all we discover -
the "Book Of Remember" in song!

The Book of Remember
(MP3 1.97MB)

Lyric En Espanol
En Espanol

(Sendaverse - free use - compliments of "Future Folk" Music 2000)