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Essentialized Autobiography

This is not entered as an ego thing. It's only because I know it's natural to want to know something about the person putting out what you're reading. This will be the essence of an autobigraphy, but I think you'll understand it.

When I was very young, I was painfully shy. Didn't know where I fit, or if I fit. I felt useless.

Then I learned to wear the facade, dress in clothes of the day, drink beer to blur the hard corners. By doing a lot of things that never felt quite right, I seemed to fit in.I felt useful.

Times and miles passed. I got more and more submerged and confused, less in touch with the true me. The facade was ossifying. I felt used.

The trip on the slide went on. I wasn't even sure how I got there. Then, one day, I felt used-up

After much soul searching, and priority sorting, I got back in touch with the Seed-Self,and found a wavering hook-up to Upstairs. I felt useful again.

But it was different than before.There were traumas to heal, errors to mend, and letting-go to do. After awhile, the whole harvest of experience distilled into empathy. That is the only legacy I have to offer. It is in these "Songs For The Long Road" lyrics.

I haven't left out the troubles. I don't pretend that the answers to all Life's problems are in them. But one thing is in them; a real fellowship for Wayfarer's travel. I've tried to show that none of us are really alone.But that doesn't mean we won't feel alone sometimes. I believe that any trouble we can sing about loses much of its power to intimidate, and any good times we share in our music increases good times for all of us. It's a Journey of real human fellowship, and we are moving down that Long Road, even when it seems we aren't.

Someday, we may even find that some of our greatest soul-treasures were won in the seeming not-so-good times

I told you this would be a brief autobio, but it does cover a lot, really. I certainly don't think it's a unique bio. I think many travelers on the Long Road will think it sounds like the story of their life ! We have lots of company !

Cheers !

Captain's Chair