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I could feel blue. What good would it do ?
Just have to go on and try.
Do what I can. Be what I am.
It'll be better by-and-by.

Sometimes it's rain. Sometimes it's pain.
Sometimes there's clouds in the sky.
Then comes a morn - sunny and warm -
it gets better by-and-by.

Up over the clouds, sky is clear.
Sun and stars still shine.
Whatever the cause behind the tear -
it gets better - in time.

I could complain. It won't stop the rain.
It won't ease the ache in the heart.
Days come and go. So does the show.
And all of us play a part.

We're not all the Princess. We're not all the Prince.
We're mostly average gal and guy.
the villain's role, leaves a scar in the soul -
but it gets better by-and-by.

The Road wanders on. There's shadow and shine.
Through the night to the dawn, we're travelers in Time.
I could feel blue - guess you could too.
But, it always gets better - by-and-by.

( © 1998 - "Future Folk" Music - Betty Curtis )

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