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(Optional intro)
One night I heard a singer in a small cabaret.
It was said she sang country; and she sure dressed that way.
Her voice had a flavor, both seasoned and strong,
and she opened the show with this song.


I once was a blonde, then a brunette,
then I had red-hair a while.
All were like places that I once went.
Now, it's just calico style.

One was like Springtime. One was like Summer.
One had the colors of Fall.
All were part happy. All were part bummer.
Now Winter is coming to call !

It's all in a mix, like old movie flicks,
like a tapestry's threads in a ball.
But I feel sort of seasoned. There was a reason.
Calico's the best of them all.

Like a strawberry blonde, a sable brunette,
a red-head who loves the frontier,
they all seem to me to fit perfectly.
I'm glad it's a calico year !

Now Winter may cover it all like a lover,
with a touch of snow-white here and there,
but I've paid the cost for a touch of the frost,
and it goes well with calico hair !

It's all in a mix, between and betwixt.
It suits a mysterious smile.
It feels sort of free, like pieces of me.
I like this calico style !

(©-1998-"Future Folk" Music-Betty Curtis)