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More than you know, I miss you.
More than you know, I care.
You move in your world. I move in mine.
And the bridge is closed for repairs.

Last night the wind was angry.
Today, there's a chill in the air.
I'm missing you. Are you missing me -
while the bridge is closed for repairs ?

Two lonely people. Two lonely lives -
moving through time - somewhere.
I wait and pray, that love will survive,
and the bridge will soon be repaired.

Life still goes on around us,
but distance hangs silent in air.
Echo returns to this calling heart.
The bridge is still closed for repairs.

We didn't plan that mad storm -
ill wind that blew from somewhere.
But we let it damage the bridge,
that only true love can repair.

In the distance between us, like islands apart,
sad clouds still hang in the air.
Please hear this message; this prayer of the heart,
that the bridge can still be repaired -
and know I still care.

(©-1998-Betty Curtis- "Future Folk" Music)