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This is known as Floating An Idea.
I wish some housing developers
would start thinking like this.
Maybe if we pass it on,they will.
This is just an idea.
If you like it, pass it on.
It may find fertile ground.

Picture This:

Basic Concept is simple:
Family housing - not over 2 stories.
Limited number of houses per village.
Located on rural acreage.
The homes,with lots,would be purchased,
privately owned, as in a standard sub-division.

Layout: concentric circles -
Lots pie-shaped: the lots would
grow larger with each succeeding
circle, thus farming area is largest.

CENTER: Village facilities, businesses
of neighborhood type; options of trade/barter,
and facilities for social events
next circle - park/playground area
next circle - Family Homes
next circle - Family farming area

These provisions provide a good, well
rounded environment for children to grow up
in, with more family interaction. The family
farm provision aids in several ways.

Such a Concentris Village, with a community
contact provision, and Barter Bank registry for
products and services could be almost self-sustaining
in a crisis situation.