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Are your dreams on a fast-track to no-where ?
Is the world like a crash on your screen ?
Are the things that you loved and believed in -
stalked by the hostile and mean ?
Do you see a storm in the distance,
looming and booming your way ?
Are the loved ones and friends of a lifetime
diminishing day by day ?

When our hearts feel battered and weary,
our minds keep whispering 'why ?' -
and the Road's looking long and dreary -
Baby - it's alright to cry.
It's alright to cry, to unload the heart,
to let the mind loosen a sigh,
to wash out the eyes, till we see through the dark -
Baby - it's alright to cry.

Yes - some will call us a 'Baby',
and maybe we are in a way -
on the brink of a New Birth, Baby -
on the brink of another New Day.
When the dark dreams of night hover 'round us -
and nothing seems certain or clear -
when the doubts of the world confound us -
and the storm is noisy and near.
Baby - it's alright to cry.

Baby, It's alright to cry.
It means we've still got a heart.
Our soul isn't empty and dry.
We can still feel alone in the dark.
Prophets and Saints have shed tears,
and offered up prayers asking 'why ?'.
Even Jesus knew sorrows and fears.
Baby - it's alright to cry.
It's alright to cry till we've emptied our sorrow,
till again we arise, and move on to tomorrow.
Baby - it's alright to cry.

Sendaverse-free use- compliments of "Future Folk" Music

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