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The jet comes in to land on a cloudy L.A. morning.
I can see the sea and sand, and a distant rainbow forming.
In the roaring of the engines; the whining of the jets,
a plane lifts off.'s full of people I've not met.

We pass with silver wings,
through the highways of the sky.
Life's a tapestry of strings,
weaving hellos and goodbyes.

There are faces at the windows; thoughts and beating hearts.
We travel like the wind blows, through a life of stops and starts.
There's a sometimes wistful longing, to forsake the flash and boom,
for an island of belonging in our earthly mother's womb.

But we are sons and daughters,
in a new day, moving race.
We must sail on broader waters;
the seas of Time and Space.

We travel day and night, over land and sea and sky.
Thinking is a flight, through how and when and why.
We have many friends. We meet them everywhere.
The circle never ends, through land and sea and air.

We know that there's a Plan,
designed in Heavenly Order,
and the Future is a land,
just across Time's border !

( © 1995 - "Future Folk" Music - Betty J. Curtis )