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Here's one about a daily 'ritual' we all know.


Again it's early morning. Wind is on the hills.
We're doing all those things again, that help to pay the bills.
Study the eyes in the mirror. Try to make them smile.
The city's getting nearer. It's just another mile.

Sounds on the radio tell us,
Time's still rolling on.
Voice of the morning calls us,
into the day with a song.

Flowing Brothers and Sisters, sailing the Highway stream.
Dodging the flack and twisters, to carry the seed of a dream.
We weave the day together. We make the city hum.
We come home wearing weather, when the day is done.

Clocks of Time are moving,
on a named and numbered flight.
We warm ourselves with loving,
on the Journey through the night.

( © 1996 - "Future Folk" Music - Betty Curtis )

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