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Of course, pronouns are changeable in this.


The Rockies seemed to call me, so I left the beach behind,
like a newly-landed stranger, wandering through Time.
An old poetic longing murmured in my soul,
that's how I came to be there in a windy Denver snow.

It was something I remembered, of someone I once knew.
He left the California beach, when the Rockies called him too.
I never quite forgot him, never would, I know.
Was that the voice called me to that night in Denver snow ?

Denver snow - blowing in the wind -
seemed like an old, old memory, calling me again.
I saw his eyes in snowflakes, and a flutter of his smile.
In my heart the longing whispered, as I lingered there awhile.

Funny how all lovers dare pursue their fleeting dream,
wandering through a cold world where nothin's like it seems.
So there in Denver Airport, I watched the cold wind blow,
as if expecting someone - delayed by Denver snow.

I don't know how it happened. I only know it's true.
When the figure stood before me all bundled up in blue,
I could only see the smile, and the laughing eyes I know.
Nothin' could disguise that love from long ago -
blown in by Denver snow !

Denver snow - a cold and windy thing -
had brought my soul a warmth, and made my sad heart sing.
I believe that cold, white wind, was a flight from up Above,
that blew us there through Denver snow, to find a long, lost love -
on wings of Denver snow -
on wings of Denver snow...

( © 1996-"Future Folk" Music - Betty Curtis )

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