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Who knows what's coming on Destiny's Wind ?
Maybe a stranger. Maybe a friend.
Maybe a danger - or a dream overdue.
Who knows what Destiny's bringing to you ?

Who knows where Destiny's Wind is going ?
Who knows what Destiny's Wind has in store ?
Sometimes it comes like a cold wind blowing.
Sometimes it brings a prize to your door.

Somewhere Upstairs, the Keeper of Causes,
looks at the list, and tallies the score.
The Wind of Destiny quietly pauses,
till sent on its mission once more.

How will we weather Destiny's Wind ?
Will it be foe ? Will it be friend ?
Whether it moans, or whether it sings -
how will we handle what Destiny brings ?

Who knows what's coming on Destiny's Wind ?
Who knows what's waiting on down the Road ?
Who knows the Causes ? Who sees the End ?
Who can help us carry our load ?

Somewhere Upstairs, the Guide of the Way,
is waiting for us to look up and ask,
for strength for the night, and faith for the day,
to meet Destiny's Wind - up to the task.

(©-Betty Curtis - "Future Folk" Music - 1998)