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He doesn't work in a suit nine-to-five.
He may not often bring flowers home.
But what he does, is what keeps them alive,
together, and never alone.

His hours are closer to five-to-nine-
up before light most days -
punchin' the clock - puttin' in time -
in the overtime Workin' Man's ways.

Climbin' the poles in all kinds of weather !
Fightin the fires - fightin' for lives !
Workin' to hold his family together !
Down in the trenches, where the hard work lies !

Plowin' the fields ! Buildin' the houses !
He works with his hands, and works with his mind.
One good suit with two pair of trousers.
One good man, holdin' the line !

Drivin' the tractors ! Clearin' the fields !
Keepin' the Highways, and the family streets !
Truckin' supplies to the workers who build -
and fillin' the stores so the family eats !

Not much of glamor. Not much of glory.
Doin' the groundwork, where skyscrapers rise.
This is the heart of the Workin' Man's story -
down in the trenches, where the hard work lies !

(Copyright 1999-"Future Folk" Music-Betty Curtis)