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This feeling isn't as odd as it sounds. I know quite a few people who've described it


I'm not feeling angry - just feeling tired.
I don't mean just tired for today.
I mean a heart like a hollow, with no warming fire.
I just feel like I'm fading away.

Riding off in the sunset, like a long ago film;
sailing away like a drifter would do;
unplug the phone, let the lamplight grow dim;
and just fade away in the blue.

A few scenes from the past float by in the mind,
and I don't even know what they mean.
They're someone else's life now, not mine;
just a flicker of somebody's dream.

A swing in a schoolyard; a day at the beach;
gulls flying low; waves rolling in.
The scent of the day blows by past my reach.
Just an old repetition, all over again.

I'm waiting now for the ship to come in.
I think I've booked passage for some other shore.
I'll go aboard, and not come back again,
to wander this world anymore.

There's nothing that seems like a reason to stay.
I think I just need some old R and R.
I'm off on a journey to some other day,
following the same old Star.
This is all I've got to say -
'scuse me - I'm fading away.

( © 2002 - "Future Folk" Music - Betty Curtis )

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