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78 and Fair in Atlanta, average for this time of year.
Still in the 80s in Alabama. 40 and rainin' here.
Over the mountains,clouds hang low.
Weather-man guesses there'll soon be snow.

63 and cloudy in Dallas. Nothin' new about that.
Storm-clouds headin' for Minneapolis.
Over the Lakes it's black.
I watch leaves fall. Season's changin'.
Autumn wind is rearrangin'.

Won't be long till trees are bare.
Summer warmth will disappear.
I know it's warm and bright somewhere,
But it's forty and fallin' here.

I can't tell if it's just me. Missin' you has dulled the cheer.
It's still warm in Tennessee, but it's forty and rainin' here.
I look around this empty room,
and sink into my cloud of gloom.

Last of the 70s fade in Houston. Last of the 60s drop in Frisco.
Nothin' seems the way it used to.
Missin' you while a cold wind whistles.
I know somewhere skies are clear,
but it's forty and rainin' here.

I know Key West is sunny and bright.
Down in Rio, Springtime's near.
Miami Beach is warm all night,
But it's forty and fallin' here.
Forty and fallin' here.

( © - 1998 - "Future Folk" Music - Betty Curtis )

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