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I saw a Ghost Ship flowing -
a sail of wispy white -
silvery and glowing,
beneath the Full Moon light.

A hush fell on the ocean.
The sea-breeze hung in air,
like the quiet, deep devotion,
of a soul in silent prayer.

I don't know from where it came.
I don't know where it was bound.
I know some things remain -
unknown to sight and sound.

It was like a floating feather,
descending in a calm.
No current of the weather -
moved the ghost along.

I wondered if the vision
were just a trick of night,
like moonlight through a prism,
playing with my sight.

There are worlds around us,
that do not always show,
but slip through to remind us,
there are secrets we don't know.

Sendaverse-free use-compliments of "Future Folk"Music

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