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Morning wind blows across the meadow.
It seems I see the world I used to know;
a friendly ghost, emerging from the shadow,
when the morning wind begins to blow.

Birds are softly singing. Darkness ebbs away.
I hear the sounds of Nature waking from the night.
Clouds are tinged with colors of the dawning day.
A new day glows with glory in the morning light.

It seems a distant light bathes the waiting day.
It even seems the world is trouble free.
I gather all the vision before it fades away,
to store it in my soul, and carry it with me.

Oh friends , collect the treasure of fondest memory.
Save it for the future, and carry it along.
Share it with your friends, in quiet reverie.
Tell it in your stories, and sing it in your songs.

A Gift for our tomorrow, as we walk the Way;
wisdom we have learned; the good that we recall;
all along the years, through each night and day,
carry it with Faith - a precious Gift for all.

Like a light along the way, carry it each day,
until the day our world is trouble free.
Gather precious memories, before they fade away,
save them for the children yet to be.

( Sendaverse - free use - "Future Folk" Music )