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Good song to start a song-fest !


Let's sing a glad song ! Let's raise the roof !
Let's sing of the Lord, His wisdom, and truth !
Let us sing joyfully ! Let the song rise,
to lift the dark clouds from the skies.

If the night is cold, let us sing of tomorrow.
Let's sing a glad song, to banish our sorrow !
Brothers and Sisters, traveling together,
on the Road to a New Day, whatever the weather.

A choral Procession,
we move night and day !
Let our voices bring blessings,
as we travel the Way !

Let's sing a glad song ! Let's sing out praise,
for the blessings we find in everyday ways;
loved ones whose Faith has always been true,
and others who helped though we never knew .

Look to the Morning, and the Blessed Third Day !
Sing for the Pilgrims, who walk in His Way !
Praise the Creator, Who yet will restore,
and heal the sad heart evermore !

A faithful Procession,
marching along -
let us carry the blessing,
of Faith, in our song !

(Free Use-Public Domain-"Future Folk" Music-Betty J. Curtis-2002)