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I know some people will criticize this lyric.
This is for all the people who have been in this position,
but never could express it without feeling guilty.
It's time we were adult enough to say it,
and include their feeling with understanding.


Again it's a Holiday Season,
a time of celebration and cheer.
To me there is something missing.
It's that you're not here.

I hear all the glad conversation.
I say all the usual things,
but my heart feels a hesitation.
There's a longing that memory brings.

I smile as they smile.
Say the Holiday things.
I know all the words of the song.
I wear a festive style.
I sing as they sing,
but my heart isn't singing along.

Again it's a Holiday Season;
a shining time of the year.
It still has it's beautiful reason.
I just wish that you were here.

I stand on my sad little island,
here in a festive sea,
and it seems I can see you smiling,
through the distance, and waving to me.

All the friends are here,
who were here last year,
except that you are gone.
I really do care,
but it's hard to bring cheer,
when you come to the party alone. . .
at a Holiday party - alone.

( © 2003 - "Future Folk" Music - Betty J. Curtis )