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Headin' Home again. It's been a long,long time.
Through the cold and rain, many miles behind.
Not the youthful stranger, who wandered on the Road,
unaware of dangers, threatening their load.

Headin' Home again. Pillars line the way.
It isn't too much farther ! Like a weary stray,
Homeward to the Father.
Headin' Home again.
Troubled, sad and lonely, There's a Light on the Horizon !
A little further only ! A Light to keep our eyes on !
Headin' Home again !

Headin' Home again ! Seems like we hear singin'.
Just around the bend, a better day is waitin'
Heart begins to quicken ! Soul begins to glow !
Headin' Home again ! Down the Road we go !

Headin' Home again. Home to those we love.
Headin' Home again, guided from Above !
Headin' Home again !
Headin' Home again !

(Sendaverse - free use - Public Domain - "Future Folk" Music-2001 )

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