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To Station Manager

Dear Sir or Ms.

Are you aware of how much Independent Country Music is growing ? If not - it is worth looking into. It is worldwide, and is growing stronger and more effective every day. Many radio stations are now including programs strictly for Independent Country in their daily broadcast schedule. It is no fable that there are many top grade Country Artists who are better known abroad than in the USA ! And by better known is meant they have expansive fan base that keeps them played 24 hours daily in Europe, Australia, Japan, and places in between. It's time for more forward looking USA radio stations to give them an outlet ! This can work to benefit of both.

The Compilation CDs which Independent Producers are putting out are the solution to freeze-out which big Industry Labels have imposed .This has, in a way, created a powerful rival, because the Compilation CD minimizes cost of production; cost to DJs for use, and offers both Legends and new talent exposure ! Another surprising element is that the listening public shows great interest in keeping an ear out for their much missed Legends, and the yet to be discovered Country Star ! This adds to listener base which spans age groups. If you are not including a program hour or so for this growing Movement, you are missing a great adventure of exploration, as the music industry is rapidly reshaping itself.

Please use the following links to explore what these Independent Record Producers are doing. Join them in the adventure by offering an outlet for their Frontier Product ! Thanks for your consideration.

Stardust of Nashville

Country Discovery