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This "Inspirational" title includes Mainstream Inspirational, Contemporary Christian, Gospel, and ethnic Folk type Inspirational themes.

Contact information: NEW E-MAIL(2007)
Old address of will not work.
Many are still scattered thru our site.
I'm changing them as fast as I can.
Thanks for patience.
Betty Curtis - "Future Folk" Music -
Phone: (760) 365-9146

Where Is The Future ? Vistas By-And-By
A Place On The Road Light In The Distance Life's Casualties
Morning Prayer Windows On Eternity Turning Point
Another New DayWayfarer's FriendLift Up A Prayer

Timeless Wind Splashin' The Stream * * *
I Can Begin Again Darkest Hour Faith Pre-Dawn Faith
Headin' Home Hold To Faith Soundless Voice
These Are The MomentsBrink Of ChangeCarry On

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