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J.Gale Kilgore - Demo Services


Lyricists, if you need something to show off your lyric, here is the man to contact !

Lyricists are sometimes just plain out-in-the-cold if they don't play an instrument, can't qualify as good vocalist, and don't have much money to seek help. They have no way to get their words heard in a good way. I was one of those, and am very happy with demos he has made.

J. Gale Kilgore understands that and has helped many a struggling lyricist finally get a fitting tune, and a good demo. He is multi-experienced as to genre, everything from rock and roll, blues, ballads, and of course good ol' Country ! He is often called upon to aid people who have a music career as hired composers. Although he offers this variety experience, his rates are very reasonable, as he understands that part of the lyricist problem too !

His own songs are often on the European and especially the Australian charts. Another artist who is more appreciated abroad than at home. But J. Gale will tell you he loves to make music, that keeps him happy, and it shows in his music.

So lyricists and others in need of such help, it's here !

Here's a bit of personal history. Born and raised in Big Spring, Tx. Lefty Frizzell was getting started at a local tavern "Ace Of Clubs" when J. Gale was just a boy, and his brother was a bouncer there. He first sang in public at High School Follies. He went to College Of Optometry - Univ. Of Houston. Was in the service and served in Viet Nam. When he returned to his hometown he did volunteer singing at Hospitals and Service Clubs, and played at a local honky-tonk two nights a week. Later, he cut records and had a TV show in the 70s. Now, he stays busy doing demos for lyricists all over the world, and writing and recording his own songs.

To learn more and listen to his work visit his webpage:
J. Gale Kilgore
or you can contact him by e-mail: