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Adios, amigo. Adieu, mon ami.
Parting has come to both you and me.
Let us remember the good times we knew.
Goodbye, my friend, adios and adieu.


Somewhere down the Road, we may meet again.
We may be together at the Long Journey's end.
Whether we don't, or whether we do,
you can't lose a friendship that's true.

Adieu, mon ami. Amigo, adios.
You are dearer to me than you'll ever know.
Thanks for the treasure of good memory.
Adios, amigo. Adieu, mon ami.

Goodbye, my friend. With a smile and a wave,
we each must go on our separate way.
Goodbye, my friend, till we meet again.
Goodbye, adios, and adieu.
May God be with you.

© 2004 - "Future Folk" Music - Betty J. Curtis