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Where are you goin' ? What do you plan ?
What do you think life's about ?
I'm not really sure that I understand,
but I'm tryin' to figure it out.

Friday was payday. Came down with the flu.
The weekend was out of my hands,
but I've got a partner, one always true,
who's ready to understand.

She says that it's easy, she loves me - that's all,
whether I'm wrong or I'm right.
Whatever way the chips fall,
she tells me she loves me each night.
That's how we get by - after all.

I go to work early each day,
no matter what kind of weather.
She, and the kids, and I, need the pay,
and it's my way to tell her I love her.

Day by day, life moves along.
We're all part of the band.
We share our love. We share our song.
Someday, we'll all understand.

Life has it's ways for healin' the sorrow.
We have the warmth of sharin' our love.
Whatever the questions, there's always tomorrow,
and we look to the Light from Above.
We look to the Light from Above.

( © 1998 - "Future Folk" Music - Betty Curtis )

Love Songs